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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maddie Mack Tank Tops

Daisy Crazy! Too cute with the matching bottoms! (See Pant section) Some of the daisy petal goes onto the back! I always embellish each back with something cute to match! I use pre-washed 100% cotton fabric. All sizes.
Let Your Love Fly! My daughters favorite tank top! So cute on - the tank tops are from Old Navy and wash well. The back has two zebra hearts on the lower right bottom! The fabric is 100% cotton. All sizes.
Letter Bloom Tank. I designed this one for my daughter! It turned out adorable! The ribbon is sewn on the strap of the tank, the only difference I have to make is the black M. This is a letter I cut out of an old shirt- so yours will look slightly different. The back has two hearts at the top of the tank in the colorful fabric! I use 100% cotton fabric. All sizes.

Under the Sea Tank. This tank is all about the water! An adorable turtle blowing bubbles up the tank and a star fish in the right hand corner! The back has a giant heart on it! Very fun for Summer! I use 100% cotton fabrics. All sizes.

The Petal Tank.... petals around the neck. I can make any colors you would like, the rest of the tank is solid. Hand wash this item. Your cutie will look like a flower!! Fabric is 100% cotton. All sizes.

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